Amethyst Services


Our professional team is focused on one thing, promoting relevant outcomes that align with client goals of reducing and stabilizing long term costs and gaining control over their risk and insurance finance programs.  Amethyst associates fulfill client needs by analyzing, developing and managing formalized (licensed) captive insurance companies in the regulated domiciles of our client-owned captives.

Our consultative and adaptive approach to captive management goes beyond the day-to-day administrative, financial and regulatory requirements. The Amethyst team should be viewed as a logical extension of the client resource team.

We keep it simple by doing the day-to-day tasks on-time, accurately, and without excuses. Our fee proposition is tied to value and performance targets. If we don’t deliver we don’t get paid.  

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Our Services:


The Amethyst Brochure
Detailed Captive Services
The Amethyst Steps to Forming a Captive
The Amethyst Captive Feasibility Study
The Amethyst Captive Checkup
The NAIC Compliance & Reporting Services