Captive Management Services

Amethyst provides premier captive insurance management services.  We approach each client as a unique opportunity to build a team-based service whether it is feasibility, development and formation or on-going captive management services

Clients seeking a firm culture of timely, accurate, responsive services and a professional team that is not afraid to provide recommendations will enjoy working with us. Our investment in systems and professional training is focused on meeting our clients demanding technical and regulatory reporting requirements.

Client reporting systems are set-up to dynamically address the on-going management challenge of optimizing the captive structure benefit to its owner(s).  Clients can log-in to view and access their unique program information.

With nearly 80 years of combined experience our captive insurance professionals specialize in Pure Captives, Risk Retention Group, Reciprocal Groups, and Special Purpose Captives.

Amethyst team members have organized, formed and managed nearly every type of captive program cutting across broad industry risk categories and structures from cell and micro captives owned-by closely held organizations to very large national & international Fortune 500 risk management programs.


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