Feasibility & Check-Up Services

Different clients have different metrics when evaluating the feasibility of a captive insurance program. There are some tried and true capital and risk finance decision making criteria and methods which we will adhere to as we work through each unique program. 

Amethyst approaches new captive feasibility and assessment services using a phased-in three stage approach.

Stage 1 – Preliminary high-level vetting:  “Does this make sense?” or “Is it possible?” stage.  This is typically accomplished within a few phone calls.

Stage 2 - Assess preliminary economics through modeling and check for best fit from a regulatory and structural perspective.  If there is a “GO” decision move to Stage 3.

Stage 3  - Formalize findings and recommendations in a written report geared to support the domicile application and to present to management team or Board.

Typical Steps in a Captive Feasibility\Assessment Project

Click for PDF of The Amethyst Captive Feasibility Study

Click for PDF of Captive Check-Up